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About Us

  Triple C Property Solutions manages thier own real estate investmants and helps others do the same. We own and manage property in multiple states across the country. Triple C Property Solutions is based out of the Charlottesville, VA area in Beautiful Greene County. 

  Our goal is to be the one stop property solution that manages your residential/commercial, estate or farm property management and maintenance needs. Triple C manages both large and small properties down to even short contracts to manage property while you are away. Contact us by phone at (888)505-2509 or Email us at  By appointment only

  Triple C Property Solutions provides property maintenance needs in the Charlottesville, VA and surrounding area only at this time.  





Total Property Management 

Triple C Property Solutions is able to manage some or all of your residential/commercial, estate or farm property needs. 


Short Term/Vacation/Small Project Management

We manage small projects and property needs upon request. Projects as simple as a field bushhogged, trees trimmed or removed, animals or livestock feeding, lawncare, etc. 


Interior Services

Interior cleaning and maintenance needs to include contractor services like electrical, plumbing, and minor general contract work. 

New- Grocery/household goods purchased, delivered and stocked if needed. This service is ideal for elderly, handycap and estate managment.